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​​Rainbow Bridge 

Rainbow Bridge's palate originates from the Province of Ningxia. Ningxia cuisine is heavy on its flavor. It emphasizes on savory ingredients such as ginger, garlic, onion, vinegar, and beef and lamb. Due to its geographical location between the Province of Shanxi and Sichuan, Ningxia cuisine highlights flavors of sourness and spiciness. Historically, the location of Ningxia is on the path of the famous Silk Road, where the East meets the West. A numerous variety of spices and commodities were transported through this road, which many of them were adapted by the locals and incorporated into their foods. Furthermore, Silk Road is also known as a famous battleground between the Chinese and the nomads fought throughout history. Thus, the local cuisine was developed to be easy to transport, and quick to serve and eat. This gave birth to the unique Ningxia cuisine that cannot be found in anywhere else in China.  In short, Ningxia cuisine is the perfect combination of East Asian spices and traditional Chinese flavors. 

About the Chef

The Birth of Ningxia Cuisine

Mrs. Esther Zhu loves to cook. She has been cooking alongside her mother and grandmother even as a child and often cooks for her employees and friends. Being a recent immigrant to this country, Mrs. Zhu misses the food from her hometown and the friendly village atmosphere. Thus, she was inspired to open a restaurant that could best represent and spread the spirit and delicacy of Ningxia cuisine. 

"The perfect combination of East Asian spices and traditional Chinese flavors"​